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The Eternal Guru

Dhan Dhan Sri Adi Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj...
Meaning of Guru:
gu means, inertia, matter, nescience; 
ru means, the principle of light which illumines consciousness. 

Although the mortal frames changed the identity of the Spirit, the Light remained intact.

Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj

Guru from 1469 – 1539

Founder of Sikhi

Threefold discipline of naam daan ishnaan, ‘the divine name, charity and purity’; three key institutions - Sangat, Dharamsala, Langar; gave Mool Mantar, Japji Sahib; revolted against the blind rituals, worshiping of idols, and baseless superstitions; regarded himself neither as a Hindu nor a Muslim and considered all Hindus and Muslims as equals; Journeys to Mecca, Hardwar, Tibet

Panj Pyaarey
(the beloved 5)
Bhai Daya Ram of Lahore, Punjab, is the first to raise his hand when Guru Gobind Rai asks for a volunteer willing to give his life in service of humanity. Mata Sahib Kaur looks on at the crowd of thousands that has gathered from across the land in response to the Gurus call. Transformed through Amrit into Daya Singh, he became one of the first 5 Khalsa…the Panj Pyaarey (the beloved five).



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